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ELEM, born in 1987 and located in Modugno, Bari, Italy, operates into automation, planning, construction and assembly of systems, equipment and arrange for the distribution of fuel and the industrial process control's system.

Our society carries out activity of:
-> Planning, revamping, realization and putting in march of control systems for turbines and compressors. We evidence that our experience allows the approach of all the problems in this field but in particular way we can offer a consolidated known-out in the control of compressors and centrifugal pumps, which derives from a pluri-decennary experience.
-> Planning and realization of prototypes and production in series of special equipment based on customer's detailed lists.
-> Service.

ELEM operates in the field of the industrial instrumentation with the following priority activities: Planning realization of control system's Revamping; Activity of Service.
In this field, on which the society heads in particular way, ELEM can rely on the contribution of technicians with pluri-decennary experience matured with Nuovo Pignone GE Oil & Gas in Italy and other foreign countries.

In fact, our society is an "Attendance Authorized Center" for Nuovo Pignone GE Oil & Gas' division distribution.

ELEM has a modern and equipped Training center operating for the formation either for technical level and for final user in all the automation fields.

In particular, ELEM has qualified teachers in the field of the industrial process control system about rotary machines. Our society, in the within of general agreements, trains technicians that will be assigned to the activities of service in Italy and other foreign countries. The formative activity can be carried out directly on the yard or into the Training center inside our structure. After the start-up, ELEM supplies activity of technical help desk.

Twentieth century has been the productivity's century, the next one will be the quality's one. (J.M. Juran)

The world-wide scenario requires the creation of a noticeable value from the final customer to testimony that the Quality is therefore the strongest answer to the global needs in globalization's era.

Our society answers to the highest qualitative standards.

Our Quality, in the context of total competition, is considered over the norm that constitutes only a possible point of departure and is not only emphasis of the quality based on norms. This comprises either the promise of the quality about our products and services, and it goes over them because it is focused on the customer satisfaction and on continuous improvement that generates a radically various quality coming from that vision focused on the standards and the norms.
We confirm our engagement in the environmental promoting every action directed to protect the environment itself and guaranteeing that our products and processes will not produce significant risks for it. The environmental objectives, in agreement to the scientific and technological progress, will be applied - according to the business' sense - to all the activities, the productions, the processes, the products and the raw materials of our Company. The current environment politics supplies the protocol to establish and re-examine the environmental objectives and goals.
Environmental management's system has the purpose to control the impact of the activities, products and services on the environment and to assure that the environmental performances satisfy and continue to satisfy the laws' requirements and the company's objectives with respect to environmental politics.

In the field of the industrial instrumentation and the processes' control, ELEM offers a service activity in Italy and other foreign countries.

After the start-up, thanks to the acquired experience in the supplying of conduction and support activity, ELEM has thought up a lot of Help Desk services.

Our society therefore offers packages (call management, remote support and remote resolution) in standard modalities.

All services guarantee high technological levels increasing in time.

In particular ELEM offers services of:

-> Call management (insertion, shunting, closing and monitoring)
-> Using of more diffuse software packages.
-> Calls cataloguing (hardware and software inventory), management and cataloguing also via web, customer database's updating, identifying data's insertion, verification of the malfunctioning's technical resolution, typically:

-> Customer's code
-> Date and hour of the request's reception
-> Customer's identifying data
-> User's identifying data
-> Request's origin
-> Problem's typology (hardware, software, program's malfunctioning, etc.)
-> Error's code (Printer, display, system boot failure, etc.)
-> Problem's description
-> Request's identifier

The services guarantee effective technical equipments, equipped job stations, systems for telematic maintenance with remote logon.

Moreover, we offer the service of electronic reversal engineering.
Our company is organized to develop reversal engineering on electronic cards. This activity can help our customer specially regarding the obsolete devices. We can rebuild any kind of electronic board following the original specification hardware details (also one prototype can be used). Specification on the operative firmware is request for board using microprocessor.

Thanks to the experience and the acquired professionality, our society always propose to improve the efficiency of the service trying to highly reduce the costs about technical maintenance in field.

-> Revamping Raffineria Mediterranea, Milazzo, Italy.
-> GASPROM Russia.
-> Revamping Mark II to Mark V c/o S. Joaquin, Venezuela.
-> Service Agip Pineto, Teramo, Italy.
-> Several Compression stations, Algeria.


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